Call Management Suite
There are various ways that customers and service providers interact. Consuming a service, downloading an application, customer care dialing and visiting stores are some of the basic touch points for the two. In order to stand out and enhance this interaction experience, mCarbon has a portfolio, which helps manage customer relationship, design customer specific marketing models and measure customer loyalty among others.
Call Management Suite
A huge advantage of mobile phone usage is about tracking and completing calls without interruption. Unlike the days of a fixed line service, consumers can, and also expect to constantly be aware of their calls the ones they make and receive and track them. In the case of network congestion, users panic and search for alternatives to information about their calls.
Services like Missed Call Alert, Voice Call Completion and Notify Me, fill in the blanks for the consumers and empowers their network experience.
For telecom operators, the suite provides an opportunity to monetize on missed business opportunities and increase their ARPU. Providing information on failed calls often leads to reverse call completion, thus leading to revenue generation.
The service also ensures a sense of service continuity and reassures consumers about their network preference.