Campaign Manager Plus
There are various ways that customers and service providers interact. Consuming a service, downloading an application, customer care dialing and visiting stores are some of the basic touch points for the two. In order to stand out and enhance this interaction experience, mCarbon has a portfolio, which helps manage customer relationship, design customer specific marketing models and measure customer loyalty among others.
Campaign Manager Plus
mCarbon’s analytics system allows Telcos to create and distribute campaign data to consumers.
Our Campaign Manager Plus offers a system that is comprehensively tailored for creation and execution of campaigns, promotions and advertising material.
Through our service Telcos can monitor and understand the consumer’s value better, and tailor specific products according to their usage patterns. It allows them to create profiles for individuals and groups of consumers alike.
Through a use of the system, Telcos can generate greater user interactivity and thus ensure a better user experience. This, in addition to reducing user churn also informs the Telco on how to maximize or minimize set of services.