There are various ways that customers and service providers interact. Consuming a service, downloading an application, customer care dialing and visiting stores are some of the basic touch points for the two. In order to stand out and enhance this interaction experience, mCarbon has a portfolio, which helps manage customer relationship, design customer specific marketing models and measure customer loyalty among others.
This product provides information to operators through data analytics and recommendation engines. It is a risk modeling product that predicts and suggests operations that can increase consumer affinity. Tailored to work on individual preferences through a consumer’s life cycle, it works to improve their engagement and loyalty over large periods of time. 
A customer’s life cycle management is defined by the different touch point in their inherent needs and the services provided by operators. Strategic interventions have become the key for operators to enhance a customer’s value and reduce churn.
mCarbon’s ICLM allows operators to personalize this experience. Designed keeping in mind the enormity of the database as well as the fluctuation within it, we work towards profiling individual customers and generating individual insights into services that could increase value.
More than 70% of operators look to utilise analytical data to understand customer behavior and tailor engagements accordingly. Products with multiple touch-points become pivotal for understanding the customer value opportunities. mCarbon's ICLM understands this and works towards pre-empting risks as well as proposing plausible value enhancing solutions for the operator.