Tele-communication companies often face the challenge of balancing efficient connectivity with ensuring their revenue streams run comfortably. With several companies competing for consumer attention this demands constant innovation and reinvention. One of the ore effective ways of doing this is through introducing products and services which put the consumer at the heart of the interaction and information exchange. Our products cover these ranges of needs and through strategic implementation ensure higher revenue generation.
I Context
Picking up from the idea of informing consumers of their choices, this service offers a notification based on their preferences.
mCarbon uses big data analytics and machine learning capabilities to extract relevant consumer information to create insights for Telcos to act upon.
Based on an individual’s usage patterns, personal preferences and attributes, a Telco can create a notifier that addresses their needs.
A simple personalized service recommendation often goes on to extract higher values from consumers in the long term. The consumer, offered options that suit their needs will refrain from shifting networks. Accepting and initiating some recommended services also guarantees more value from each consumer. Besides the obvious cross-selling benefits, the service can also up sell products to existing consumers.