There are various ways that customers and service providers interact. Consuming a service, downloading an application, customer care dialing and visiting stores are some of the basic touch points for the two. In order to stand out and enhance this interaction experience, mCarbon has a portfolio, which helps manage customer relationship, design customer specific marketing models and measure customer loyalty among others.
Telcos often employ a USSD notification system that informs consumers about services available to them and how they may activate them. 
mCarbon’s  analytics system helps Telcos design and personalize these options for every consumer. The system tailors the notification using the analytics to create a ranking system for user preferences and informs Telcos on how and where to push different services at different times. This algorithm driven product boasts of managing complex business logics enabling CSP’s to effectively monetize the data generated on their network in real-time. 
As a marketing product, Market place brings in considerable value to decision making and provides actionable insights to the operator to explore unique revenue streams. At a macro level, the product can handle immense variety, velocity as well as volume of complex data inflow and subsequently use it for providing predictive offerings to the subscribers. 
The usage of the product improves the customer value and additionally generates multiple revenue streams for the operator. 
Out data analytics team carefully monitors the subscriber behavior, location, usage, demographics and other such parameters to offer the ‘Customers Customer’ with  relevant cross sell solutions.