Multi Option Recharge
Tele-communication companies often face the challenge of balancing efficient connectivity with ensuring their revenue streams run comfortably. With several companies competing for consumer attention this demands constant innovation and reinvention. One of the ore effective ways of doing this is through introducing products and services which put the consumer at the heart of the interaction and information exchange. Our products cover these ranges of needs and through strategic implementation ensure higher revenue generation.
Multi Option Recharge
The days of a single option scheme are gone. In a growing economy, the user base has expanded to include an array of needs. No two users use their network the same way. Telcos therefore have to redefine their marketing strategies to include all types of users under their umbrella. 
While marketing through print and media is an option most used, mCarbon provides a solution that touches a more personal and effective note via offering the menu to users on a USSD string.
Through the service, prepaid customers can choose from a variety of different combinations, based on their usage priority at the same price on a single recharge. 
The advantage this has is that it helps tap into a larger consumer base—virtually everyone using the network—while at the same time reducing distribution and production costs.
The service helps personalize network experience for users, and brings together Telcos recharge distribution, retailers and customers in an extremely efficient and seamless manner.