Airtime Advance and Credit
Tele-communication companies often face the challenge of balancing efficient connectivity with ensuring their revenue streams run comfortably. With several companies competing for consumer attention this demands constant innovation and reinvention. One of the ore effective ways of doing this is through introducing products and services which put the consumer at the heart of the interaction and information exchange. Our products cover these ranges of needs and through strategic implementation ensure higher revenue generation.
Airtime Advance 
and Credit
Surveys indicate about 95% of mobile users in India use pre-paid connections—pointing towards the profile of the consumer as one on a tight budget and a lackluster steady income.
Airtime Advance and credit is a service that offers cashless advance (the amount is variable to the Telcos demand) to telecom subscribers when in need. The consumer can request the emergency top-up via USSD, IVR, SMS, PCN or Mobile App. The credit is paid up from the next time the consumer tops up, with a nominal interest applied on the transaction.
A service like this helps the consumer make calls even when they are out of balance thus generates usage minutes for the network.This helps to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty.
mCarbon's proven expertise across millions of subscribers suggests that introduction of Airtime Advance and Credit increases customer engagement significantly and average revenue per user (ARPU) by 10-15%.