Voice Mail Service

Voice Mail Service (VMS) is a subscription-based service that allows the callers of an active VMS subscriber to record and deposit a voice message in case the VMS service subscriber is not available to take calls.

Once the calling party has deposited the message, the VMS subscriber gets notified via a SMS. The subscriber can then dial the short code and listen to the voice messages deposited by his callers when he was out of network coverage area or when his phone was in switched off state.


  • Customized Announcement or Greeting Message
  • Apart from voice message deposit and retrieval, the service also has functionality using which the user can either reply to the message or forward the message SNS Integration
  • The voice inbox of the subscriber is secured via PIN which only the subscriber would know.


  • Option to play Ads during deposit and retrieval.
  • The alerts sent to called party carrying details of deposited voice message can be used for cross promoting other services
  • Ensures the callers get instant notification about the availability of the user whom they want to get in touch with.