Mobile financial solutions​
It facilitates credit to customers for call completion in times of low balance, low data, or zero balance.

The mobile financial services engine identifies credit needs contextually on a real-time basis and offers various credit schemes for Instant Recharge through digital channels. It lets the subscriber use network service, even when at a low balance, by availing various credit options like play and earn, airtime, beep once, etc.

We at mCarbon

We at mCarbon offer the MFS platform that enables the subscribers to carry on with their call or data usage during low data/balance, by screening their profile, through options like p2p gifting, airtime, data/validity credit, zip calls, express data, or play and earn.  The AI model takes a large feature list and automatically identifies the relevant rollout models, monitors performances, updates models, and then aligns products to customer preferences.

Express loan

It provides loans to low-balance users, on the call itself, only after checking their eligibility to avail of the loan. The system checks this and then routes the calls toward the loan platform. It uses the best-in-class recovery engine ensuring 100% recovery of the loaned amount.

Talk time transfer

It allows one user to transfer mobile talk time from his account to another user’s account. It can be done by requesting talk time from friends or family members. This not only lets operators increase the number of recharges but will also encourage users to become virtual retailers.

Micro-credit loan

This is a value-added service designed to ease the access to airtime stock credit to customers of a telecom operator when they run out of balance. It allows customers to take a credit amount when they run out of their main account balance. This service is driven by an intelligent rule engine that ensures loan is offered only to the most eligible users.