Mcarbon Announces the launch of Enterprise Video Calling Platform Spark

New Delhi 27 October 2023

Mcarbon, a leading cloud communication (CPaaS) company that provides omni-channel customer communication solutions to businesses, announces the launch of its Enterprise Video Calling Platform Spark. Build in-house, Spark is designed to allow enterprises to connect and engage with their customers in their native environment, through custom integration with enterprise back-end systems including CRM or marketing automation engine. What’s more Spark comes with a host of features including,

  • One to one, One to many, and group video chat

  • High-quality Video with low data consumption

  • Screen, content sharing and collaboration between participants with click of a button.

  • Option to add participants to the video call during an ongoing Video chat.

  • Video sessions can be video and voice, voice-only or mixed.

  • Comprehensive performance reporting and data analytics available on dashboard for insight for your sessions

  • Easy to integrate SDK for Web, Android.

  • Recording and transcription

  • Integration with messaging during the live session

  • White-labelled to support branding and design needs of businesses.

“There has been fast transition from voice call to video call in our normal day to day life. Similar trend is visible across businesses as well, especially on some specific use cases. Spark is developed to fulfill that need or trend” shared Amit Dey, MD, announcing the launch. “What separates Spark from likes of Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting or Webex is Spark’s ability to adapt to not only enterprise specific needs, but skin and look ‘n’ feel as well. That adds a new dimension.” Amit Dey further added.

Currently Mcarbon is finalizing pilot launches with 2 customers in BFSI and E-Commerce segment respectively. Reach out to Mcarbon at for more details.

About Mcarbon
mCarbon Tech Innovation was established in 2008 and started off focusing on core network value add services for telecom operators and enterprises, providing innovative revenue uplift and customer engagement products. With strong focus on Technology and Innovation, today mCarbon is one of the leading cloud communications (CPaaS) Service Providers in India.

Feature Comparison: Spark and others



Product Features 








Google Meet 





Microsoft Team 



One to One 

One to Many 

Many to Many 












Only Voice 
Voice Plus Video 












Customized Branding 












Record Meeting 













Ticker Availability 












Add participant to the meeting 












Custom CRM Integration 












Screen, App and Documents sharing 
























In call data collection 












Subscriptions required for using the services.