Call Completion Suite

Aims at keeping the subscribers informed about the missed calls when they were not available

Advance Call Management is a call management solution that allows the user to effectively manage incoming calls. It is an automated personal assistant to answer calls with a pre-defined announcement. The user can inform the caller that he is unable to pick up calls by selecting from various profiles like Meeting, Driving, Busy, Not Available, etc.

The service even allows the user to black-list and white-list numbers as well as take back his contacts through an app.


• The service has Unique pre-defined time-based profiles to select from with multiple profiles like Meeting, Roaming, Driving, Not Available, low battery, Vacation, etc.
• The service has a built-in missed call alert mechanism that intimates the users about the calls they missed while any particular profile was active.
• The Blacklist/Whitelist feature offers the service user an option to whitelist and blacklist numbers.
• Advance Call Manager is accessible via multiple channels like SMS, USSD, IVR, and App.
• Users who access the service via the app also have the option of contact back up and retrieval.

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