PROCERT - Authentication as a Service Platform

Secure and Friction-free Identity and Authentication Management Platform for Enterprises

Procert Authentication as a Service provides a secure , frictionless, and cost-effective user identity and authentication management service on the cloud. Procert brings added convenience to enterprises through easy SDK/API integration on the cloud. But importantly it offers ease of use to end customers in terms of frictionless, yet secure, multi-factor authentication (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp) from anywhere and any device. No wonder more and more businesses are increasingly adopting Procert Authentication as a Service (AaaS).


• Omni channel Authentication engine over SMS, Email, Web, Voice, WhatsApp and other emerging technologies
• Secure yet frictionless for the users, designed to boost your business yet fully secure
• No need to remember passwords; login without OTP
• The industry as well as uses the use use case-specific Authentication solution
• Comes with dependable fallback options
• Industry-standard delivery SLA for all use cases
• Strong technology backbone (ISO 27001 certified)
• BFSI certified information security compliance
• Simple and quick integration for faster go-to-market supported by SDK and API