SPARK - Enterprise Video Platform

Videofy your customer interaction with Spark Enterprise Video Platform

Spark video platform is an enterprise-grade video platform designed to kickstart your video journey with customers. Spark lets you create a customizable and seamless video communication experience on mobile and desktop applications to boost customer engagement. Scale up your customer interaction with the Spark video platform and provide a seamless customer experience. Build innovative video solutions for your business with easy-to-integrate SDK and API.


• Support multiple use cases including One:One, One to many, and group video chat
• High-quality Video with low data consumption
• Screen and content sharing between participants with click of a button
• Add participants to the video during an ongoing chat
• Video sessions can be video and voice, voice-only, or mixed.
• Comprehensive performance reporting and data analytics available on dashboard for insight for your sessions
• Easy to integrate SDK for Web, Android, and iPhone Recording feature
• Integration with messaging during the live session

Kickstart your customer journey and conversations on video, and grow your business.