Mobile Financial Solutions

Over 20 percent of the voice calls made get dropped due to insufficient balance. This leads to a loss of revenue for operators. The Call Loan facility ensures that incomplete calls get converted into a revenue stream. They help.

The Mobile Financial Solution by Mcarbon allows operators to add to enhance their revenue by letting customers borrow money air-time temporarily toas their mobile account balance. in turn bettering the customer experience. It not only increases the consumers’ on-call time but also facilitates them to spend more and more on the network. Users can pay back on their next recharge with a a service charge as decided by operators.
Along with Loan Service, our solution also supports the Recharge platform to increase Recharge revenues, NBA, and Poke Call to support the Zero balance segment.


Airtime Loan: The service allows customers to take talktime or data when the balance is low. Service can be availed through multiple interfaces like IVR, USSD, SMS, express mode, app, etc.



• Express Loan: Express Loan is a variant of Credit Loan service that offers loan to eligible users on the call itself. Read More…

• Micro Credit Loan: Micro Credit Loan is a value-added service designed on the premise of “what the consumer needs”, provides ease of access of airtime stock credit to customers of a telecom operator when they run out of balance. Read More…

Talk Time Transfer: Talk Time Transfer is a mobile talk time transference service that allows one user to transfer mobile talk time from his account to another user’s account. Read More…

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