Mobile Financial Solutions Products

Express Loan

Express Loan is a variant of Credit Loan service that offers loan to eligible users on the call itself. In this case when a low balance user tries to make a call, the system checks if the user is eligible for loan and the call is routed in real time towards the Loan platform.


  • Allows an out of balance user to avail a loan and make that urgent call.
  • Just In Time Credit ensures call completion which otherwise would not have been possible.
  • Advance Rule Engine ensures only eligible users are offered loan.
  • Best in Class Recovery Engine ensuring near 100 % recovery of loaned amount.

Micro Credit Loan

Micro Credit Loan is a value-added service designed on the premise of “what the consumer needs”, provides ease of access of airtime stock credit to customers of a telecom operator when they run out of balance. Credit Loan is an interactive service that allows customers to take a sundry credit amount of any configurable denomination when they run out of their main account balance and are either far away from a recharging location or are short of money to immediately recharge their account. Micro Credit is an open and transparent service with a clear reporting structure.

Key Features

  • The service is driven by intelligent rule engine. The rule engine works on various pre-defined KPIs as well as spiders real time data to ensure that loan is offered only to most eligible users
  • mCarbon’s Credit Loan platform is powered by Best in Class Recovery Engine ensuring 99% of loaned amount is recovered.
  • mCarbon’s Credit Loan platform has a robust and highly efficient Analytical Engine

Talk Time Transfer

Talk Time Transfer is a mobile talk time transference service that allows one user to transfer mobile talk time from his account to another user’s account. This service is useful for those users who due to some reason are unable to recharge their account. Such users can request talk time from their friends or family members so that they continue using mobile services.

Key Features

  • The service allows a user to make a recharge for their friends and family members who might be in dire need of talktime.
  • For Operator this is like a win-win situation because this will not only increase the number of recharges but will also encourage users to become virtual retailers.
  • The service is holds significance in a scenario when an out of balance less evolved user is not in a position to approach a retailer and make a recharge.