Contextual Communication Suite Products

1. International Roaming:

International roaming is defined as the ability for a customer to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other mobile services when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of its home network by means of using the infrastructure of a “visited” network.ects effectively.
Offering lucrative International Roaming services has become a prime focus for Operators and one of the prominent retention tools that they have up their sleeves. Although Operators do have lucrative plans at their disposal but to reach out to potential customers is a challenge that they are confronted with.
mCarbon’s Best in Class IR Platform is a holistic solution that is capable of putting across the right information to the right customer at the right time. This not only results in an increase in revenue for Operators but is also a killer retention tool considering the intra operator competition.
  • Delay in communication resulting in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Revenue loss due to the inability to timely upsell International Roaming packs to potential customers.
  • Channel Limitation.
  • Key Features

    • Pre-Travel Communication
    • Real time and relevant communication at the start of travel
    • Welcome message when user latches onto foreign network
    • Upselling IR packs to roaming customers
    • Pack Expiry and Pack Renewal Intimation
    • Multi-Channel Support

2. iEoCN:

End of Call Notification (EOCN) is a notification service that pushes message alerts to the user at the end of transactions like call completion.
  • mCarbon’s iEoCN platform provides interactive campaign inserts in the traditional end of call notifications. Following functionalities are offered by iEOCN platform

    • End of Call Notification (EOCN) notification for subscribers at the end of transactions
    • Campaign Management: Profile based up selling of products & services
    • Interactive Campaigns
  • Features

    • Works using existing messaging infrastructure.
    • iEOCN counters attention deficit and helps to leverage best out of attention span economy.
    • Promotions done via iEOCN are independent of customer contact policies and regulatory restrictions.
    • Unaffected by subscriber DND subscription.
    • The iEOCN platform has the capability of creating personalized storefronts.
    • The inbound and trigger-based campaign push mechanism ensures the campaign uptake rate is high.



    • Control Base inclusion and exclusion
    • Location based weather updates & emergency notifications
    • MSISDN based campaign feature enables the Platform to take MSISDN list as input to some campaigns.
    • In-call Push EoCN/USSD notification capability

3. PCA:

Interactive Pre-Call Announcement (i-PCA) is an innovative product that enables upselling/cross-selling, customer retention and advert insertion in real time on outgoing customer calls for prepaid and post-paid users.
  • Plays dynamic voice prompt once user attempts a voice call
  • Advance business logics, like play PCA for a specific time a day, etc.
  • Multiple scenarios based pre-recorded PCA messages
  • Capability to Warm transfer calls to customer care.
  • Integration with operator CRM platform for better targeting/context


  • Plays dynamic voice prompt once user attempts a voice call, reduces customer care and call center cost.
  • Capability to warm transfer calls to customer care desks, user can also get the call charges detail.
  • Telco pre-paid customer can benefit from iPCA product by simply listening to an advert.
  • Ease of use is achieved by making the service as an Opt-in service where in the user just needs to Opt-in once.
  • Counters for Daily Announcement enables max announcements to be served per day


  • Allows operator to play customized promotions to users
  • Operator doesn’t have to fret for promotional base as promotion are played when a user initiates a call
  • Flexibility to play both interactive and informative campaigns
  • User gets customized offers
  • Customer has control to skip the promotions if required.